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About Ramsey Education:

The idea for Ramsey Education started over two decades ago when financial expert Dave Ramsey devoted his life’s work to teaching adults how to handle their money. Every day on The Dave Ramsey Show, Dave would teach adults across America how to budget, save, avoid debt, and retire with dignity. As he counseled adults on these essential money topics, he often heard the same feedback over and over again: "I wish I had learned this in high school!"
That statement sparked Ramsey Solutions to develop a personal finance curriculum for high school students. After several years of the curriculum impacting classrooms across the country, the team launched an updated version called Foundations in Personal Finance. Since its launch in 2008, Foundations has been known across the industry as the leader in personal finance curriculum.

Over 3 Million Student Lives Changed

Over the last 10 years, Foundations in Personal Finance has been taught in more than 40% of high schools across the country and has impacted the lives of more than 3 million students. Ramsey Education has expanded to include personal finance curriculum for both middle schools and higher education institutions as well as an entrepreneurship curriculum for high schools.
Ramsey Education curricula is different than others in the industry. Not only does the curricula cover critical terms and concepts, but it equips educators with practical ways that they can help their students apply the proven principles. This life-application approach to learning creates an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact on both students and educators.

Life-Changing Education

Educators across the country contact us at Ramsey Education to tell us how their students have found confidence, security and hope because of what they learned in their classrooms. They excitedly share stories of students going to college debt-free, paying cash for their first car, or even helping their parents learn about the importance of an emergency fund. This feedback is the fuel that runs Ramsey Education.
Without this life-changing education, students are more likely to enter adulthood with debt, worry, and stress. Ramsey Education exists to equip educators across the country with the tools and resources they need to teach their students how to successfully manage their money and their lives. Together with educators, Ramsey Education wants to see every student in America enter adulthood with the confidence needed to set and achieve their goals — and ultimately live up to their fullest potential. 

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